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In recent years, the Australian gaming market has seen an influx of non-approved ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) paper. The use of these non-approved tickets can result in significant problems for venues and customers, including damage to thermal print heads, poor printed image quality and errors when scanning barcodes. For this reason, it is vital that venues only use IGT-approved top-coated thermal papers in electronic gaming machines.

OEMs specify top coated papers

Top coated thermal papers differ from standard, non-top coated papers in that they have an extra layer of coating applied on top of the thermal coating. IGT and the three major manufacturers of TITO printers – JCM, Transact and Nanoptix – all specify that only top-coated paper can be used in their printers.

Why Kanzaki top coated TITO tickets are the best choice!

Our customers deserve the best, so we don’t give them second rate tickets, we only supply Kanzaki top-coated TITO tickets

  • International Gaming Technology (IGT) approved
  • Maximum 20-year archival life
  • Superior image quality
  • Excellent text & readability
  • Smoother coating to ensure print head longevity
  • Protection against external influences such as water, alcohol and hand sanitiser.

Request a TITO ticket sample pack today!

Need convincing? Request a TITO ticket sample pack for your gaming venue and see the benefits for yourself.

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