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We are Australia’s leading supplier of high quality TITO Tickets for casinos and gaming venues throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Kanzaki Top-coated TITO Tickets (VIC/ACT/QLD/SA)
Kanzaki Top-coated TITO Tickets (NSW)
Printed Roulette Cards
Kanzaki Top-coated TITO Tickets – Custom Printed

Why Choose Charters …


Better print performance

Our rolls are approved by major printer manufacturers, including Epson, which ensures you get excellent performance.


Better for your health

The paper used in all of our thermal paper rolls is Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, which offers customers peace of mind.


Better for Australia

We manufacture our thermal paper rolls right here in Australia, ensuring you receive consistent supply.


FSC Certified Paper

Our paper rolls are responsibly manufactured from FSC ® Certified Thermal Paper.

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