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Elli Zlatanovski: Celebrating 30 Years of Loyalty

Charters Paper is proud to celebrate a significant milestone in the career of one of its most dedicated and cherished team members, Elli Zlatanovski. With 30 years of service, Elli has become an integral part of our company’s history and success.

Elli’s journey with Charters Paper began 30 years ago, after she decided to re-enter the workforce following five years at home raising her two boys. “I applied for a part-time telemarketing position at a company called Luv-A-Duck. During the interview, they suggested a different role next door at Charters Paper, which I eagerly accepted. And here I am,” she fondly recalls.

Starting in accounts, Elli quickly demonstrated her potential. “Paul saw I was a talker and asked if I wanted to try selling. He taught me everything I needed to know. Sales became my passion. I love selling and taking care of my customers,” she says with enthusiasm.

Over the past three decades, Elli has seen Charters Paper evolve significantly. “One of the most significant changes was in 2005 when we purchased our semi-automated slitter-rewinder Lemu1 machine. Relocating to our own factory in Brooklyn was another milestone. Despite the push towards digitisation, we’re busier now than ever. In 2023, we ventured into packaging, which I believe is the future.”

Elli cherishes many memories from her time at Charters Paper. “Securing my first order over $100K was a thrilling achievement. On a personal note, I treasure the special memories of Paul’s parents, Papou and Baba, who were always caring and supportive.”

“The Charters ‘family’ culture is what I love and what has kept me here for so long,” Elli emphasises. She believes this supportive environment is key to the company’s success and her long tenure.

Elli offers valuable advice for newcomers: “You’re lucky to secure a job at Charters Paper. If you’re a team player, you’ll never want to leave.”

Describing her journey in one sentence, Elli says, “It’s been a roller coaster, where I never want to get off.” Looking ahead, Elli is confident in the company’s resilience. “We have long been the leader in thermal paper rolls in Australia, and as we expand into paper packaging products, we will continue to thrive.”

Special Messages from our Team

As we celebrate Elli’s milestone at Charters Paper, I express my deepest gratitude for her incredible dedication and hard work. Elli’s unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions have been a cornerstone of our success. Her expertise, reliability, and positive attitude have significantly impacted on our workplace.

Elli’s loyalty and passion are commendable, and we are fortunate to have her as part of our team. Thank you, Elli, for your outstanding service and for being a cherished member of our organisation, a great friend, and an industry icon.

Michael Sfetkidis, Chief Executive Officer

In sports, champions leave an everlasting presence. Business is no different. At Charters Paper, we are blessed to have one of these champions – Elli Zlatanovski. Joining us 30 years ago, Elli has become an essential member of both Charters and the Sfetkidis family. Treated like a daughter by Mum and Dad, she cared for them deeply.

Elli was interviewed and employed by my wife Theresa on June 6, 1994. From day one, her dedication, intelligence, and loyalty have driven Charters Paper to success, making us a leader in our field. Her contributions have been vital as we continually improve and embark on new ventures, such as paper food packaging.

From all of us at Charters Paper – we love you, Elli.

Paul Sfetkidis, Director & Owner

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