How do I measure a roll?

How do inferior thermal papers harm my printer?
Using inferior thermal papers can considerably reduce the life of your print head through:
a. abrasion - uneven surface of thermal stock.
b. Contamination - collection of dust and other micro foreign objects on the printhead.
c. Residue - from using cheaper coating components

What is the thermal paper and how does it work?
Thermal paper is paper coated with colour forming elements to produce an image when heat is transferred. This heat is transferred from the thermal print head that is contained in the compact thermal printer. A thermal print head consists of a multitude of miniature heating elements distributed along its printing width. Each heating element is electronically controlled to deliver the correct amount of thermal energy to the right place for the right amount of time.

How many colours can be printed?
At Charters Paper we can offer up to four colour process offset printing